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USED PRODUCT: Purchasing used product makes some people uncomfortable, as they feel the products might be scratched or defective. To put at ease those of you who feel this way, Everyday Music tries to make exchanges as easy and hassle-free as possible. It would be impossible for us to listen to every piece of music that we buy used, therefore it only makes sense to guarantee it.

However, very little of all the used music we sell comes back defective. Think about this way, all the CDs you have in your personal music collection are used and if you treat them well they will not become damaged. Now, be assured that most people are like you and they treat there discs well. And also be aware that the compact disc is not like a record in that nothing, except a beam of light, comes in contact with the disc itself. So, light scratches and surface marks on a CD will not result in skips and ticks. Only very deep scratches and gouges or flaws pressed into a disc during its manufacturing will cause a CD to skip.


Everyday Music does sell ‘skufs,’ which are used CDs we buy that have surface marks and scratches. We sell these ‘skufs’ at discounted prices--look for the bright green price sticker with the word skuf on it--and lots of our customers love ‘em. Of course, ‘skufs’ are guaranteed like everything else.

NEW PRODUCT: While we try to be as flexible as possible regarding returns, some abuses and manufacturer policies have made it necessary to impose some restrictions:

  • Returns are for exchange or credit only and must be accompanied by a sales receipt; sorry, no cash or credit card refunds.

  • Returns must be made within 14 days of purchase, though in unusual circumstances we will make an exception.

  • Due to policies imposed upon us by the major manufacturers, new CDs that have been OPENED can be exchanged with a receipt only if in like-new condition; that means no smudges, skufs or scratches on the disc. Manufacturers will no longer accept returns of opened CDs from retailers, so if something is returned we must be able to re-sell it.

  • New, sealed VINYL is returnable with a receipt within 14 days of purchase and if it is in LIKE NEW condition. Once vinyl is opened, it's used and non-returnable. If you think you have a manufacturer defect (i.e. the wrong label is on the inside, both sides play the same tracks etc) come in and talk to us. There might be a recall for such situations from the manufacturer.


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