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Thanks everyone for a great Record Store Day.   We had a fantastic turnout.  I want to thank my staff for working hard up to and through the weekend - I couldn't have done it without each and every one of them.

Thanks also to the patient and fun Portland music fans who hopefully came away with some great albums to enjoy.  Remember: Everyday Is Record Store Day and limited-editions and exclusives are not just limited to one day a year.  Come on down and see what you can find.


Everyday Music
1313 W Burnside Downtown Portland
Open Everyday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

August 1 2022: NEWS


The Everyday Music Bellingham is changing hands! I have sold the store and the inventory. Running a store from Portland was no longer manageable for me since my partner in life and the business, Scott Kuzma, passed away in April. The new owner is Cory Blackwood of Bellingham and I hope for continuing success as an indie record store in that sweet spot downtown.


Cory will surely put his own stamp on the business in time, including a name change: Ritual Records. I’m pleased to find someone I can pass the torch to as the Everyday Music empire downsizes.

To the customers in beautiful Bellingham THANK YOU too. Scott and I couldn't have been a success without your patronage. And don't forget our other kids at Royal Records in Seattle! Carry on!
Sarah Hefte




We have downsized and now occupy only the WEST SIDE of the building's storefront. YES we still have CDs, DVDs and vinyl...!!


It's all together in one lovely space at 1313 W Burnside.


We WILL assess and make an offer for your used CDs, DVDs and vinyl on Burnside downtown Portland.

Seattle location also permanently closed. Thanks for the memories.

Lana Del Rey_Cover.jpg

EM Current Bestsellers

1. Daft Punk--Random Access Memories anniversary deluxe edition

2. SZA--S.O.S.
3. Lana Del Rey--Did You Know...
4. Dave Matthews--
Walk Around The Moon

5. Kali Uchis--Red Moon In Venus
6. Y La Bamba--Lucha
7. Mac Miller--Macadelic reissue
8. Ghost--Phantomime
9. Tyler, The Creator--Call Me If You Get Lost
10. Angus & Julia Stone--Life Is Strange


Wednesday - Rat Saw God

Karly Hartzman's characters live in a time and place where things don't go well for most folks. It's a town where parents barely pay attention to their children, kids with fireworks accidentally set cotton fields on fire, bored teenagers get messed up on Benadryl, guys OD in parking lots and no one seems surprised, and boredom and emptiness are epidemic. As guitarist, lead singer, and songwriter with the band Wednesday, Hartzman has built an album around tales of life in this dead-end town, and 2023's Rat Saw God is a superb evocation of living in the decaying margins of America. Hartzman's voice runs from a plaintive murmur to a wordless, articulate howl, and she does a masterful job of telling her stories without pity or judgment, communicating a compassion that never fades even when it's obvious some of these people are their own worst enemies. There are flashes of beauty in her lyrics that only add to the impact of her faultless observational writing, making dreamlike images out of stark realism and back again. Just as importantly, Hartzman's bandmates generate a muscular, guitar-laden brand of Southern-accented indie rock that's a marvel in its sense of dynamics and its sure-footed balance between melody and noise. Some albums sound like the artists were trying with all their might to make an epic statement in words and music; Rat Saw God sounds like Wednesday had no such lofty aims, but their commitment to the people they write about and their instincts about crafting music to match make this a stunningly powerful work that may well turn out to be a masterpiece. ~Mark Deming,

Metallica_72Seasons_AlbumCover_11.75x11.75Litho 2.tif

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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